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J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter is one of the most popular children's books out in the world at the moment. There are seven books, and eight films - both of which are fantastic, and I adore them. I've been a fan of Harry Potter for as long as I can remember, I've loved the magic and the story that Rowling created - Harry Potter has, and always will be, one of my favorite things of my childhood.

Here's a fun fact: I didn't read the books until I was eleven because before I was that age, didn't own any of the books and I didn't really want to read them, due to the fact that I have seen the movies so many times. But boy, was I wrong. The Harry Potter books were uplifting and so enjoyable to read; they're probably one of my all-time favourite series. 

Harry Potter isn't just about the boy who lived under the stairs, it's more than that. Harry Potter showed me that there's love after death, that happiness can be found even at the darkest of times and that there is always hope. J. K. Rowling has taught me many things, and I'm grateful for that. If I never grew up to Harry Potter, I don't know where I would be today! 

I've been lucky enough to have a few people comment on what they think of Harry Potter, and I'd like to say a huge thank-you to them for allowing me to use their opinions on today's post! 

"Well I haven't read them, only a few sentences, but it didn't grip me enough. And the films are good, but slightly overhyped." - Lexie, What Lexi Loves.

"It's more of a lifestyle than a book series to me? It has fused with my identity." Ray, Ray Reads.

"If it weren't for Harry Potter, I wouldn't be here. My obsession with Potter began in 2011 and over the course of five years, it has pulled me through the darkest time of my life, reinvigorated my love of reading, and gave me characters who have helped me be more accepting of myself. I learnt that it's okay to have a thirst for knowledge like Hermione, or not fit in like Luna. These characters, this fandom, this world of wizardry, it has all shaped the person I've become. For that, I'll ALWAYS be grateful." - Holly, Lost in a Library.

J. K. Rowling's writing has always shown me so many things, and I'm happy that I have these books a go because I don't think that I would be into reading like I am today. If you have never read the books, I recommend that you do because they will change your life.

What I'm basically saying is that Harry Potter is one of the main reasons that I started to book blog, that I began to love reading, These books made me fall in love with the characters, and it it made me realise that I wanted to write. All in all, Harry Potter is great.

Note: The idea of this post came to me because of the recent passing of Alan Rickman, the man who played Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies. Alan portrayed Snape fantastically, and there are no words to describe my shock and sorrow at his death. He will be remembered.


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