Re-reading is my passion


Have you ever read a book that you've just simply loved? And because you love that book, you have the sudden urge to re-read it?

I'm like that -- a lot, actually.

Whilst I may love certain books, there are only a select few that I have truly fallen head-over-heels for, and those are novels that I have re-read constantly to the point that they're so worn and they smell ancient. Even though I adore reading new novels and exploring different worlds, I cannot help but venturing back to the stories that have stuck with me -- so here are a few of the novels that I cannot help but re-read!

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

We Were Liars is possibly one of my all-time favourite novels, Lockhart's writing is one-of-a-kind and her words will haunt you. Lockhart's novel is terrifyingly smart, it's extremely hard to hate We Were Liars because it is that fantastically laid out -- you will be glued to every page until the very end. This novel is sad, yet real; with a side of beautiful, it is such a searing story. We Were Liars is a beautifully-crafted novel, and it is something you seriously should not be missing out on. 

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

There is no way of expressing my love for The Fault in Our Stars -- this book is utter perfection! The characters that Green has created are so real and I just think that it is inspirational how they get on with their lives even though they have an illness, they don't let it get in the way of their lives despite how much it has impacted them. The Fault in Our Stars has taught me so many things, and without it -- possibly -- I would be a whole different person. The road that Green takes you on is phenomenal, it's dark but, at the same time, emotional -- The Fault in Our Stars is a story that will open your eyes to the world and make you see it in a whole complete different way. 

All of the Above by Juno Dawson

This is a heartachingly stunning book, and it is one that I cannot keep quiet about. All of the Above is such a real novel that shows that teenage life isn't always just about love -- it's about finding yourself. Dawson's writing always inspires me, the way that she creates certain characters is just amazing -- every single one of her novels are inspiring. All of the Above is just an incredible book, and everytime that I re-read it, I fall in love with Dawson's writing all over again.

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