REVIEW: The Otherlife by Julia Gray


26889448The Otherlife by Julia Gray
Published by Andersen Press
Publication date July 7th, 2016
Genres contemporary, mythology, young adult, fantasy, mystery
Pages 400
Format ARC
Source Publisher


I always get away with it when I try stuff like this. Partly it comes down to sort of assuming that I'm going to. I've got loads of confidence. And Loki got away with everything. Well, almost everything.

When troubled, quiet Ben begins at the ruthlessly competitive Cottesmore House, school to the richest, most privileged boys, he is befriended by Hobie: the wealthy class bully, product of monstrous indulgence and intense parental ambition. 

Hobie is drawn to Ben because he can see the Otherlife: a violent, mythic place where gods and monsters roam. Ben has unnerving visions of Thor and Odin, and of the giant beasts that will destroy them, as well as Loki, god of mischief. Hobie is desperate to be a part of it.

Years later, Ben discovers his beloved tutor Jason is dead. And he can’t help wondering if Hobie – wild, restless, dangerous Hobie, had something to do with it…


The Otherlife is an interesting twist on Norse mythology, it was gripping and exciting to read. Gray's exploration of Norse mythology was fantastic, I enjoyed how she told some of the many stories there are, and it gave me another reason to love thse myths more than I already do. 

Set in the modern day, Ben is tyring to focus on passing his exams but when he sees some gods in his garden asking for help, Ben is troubled. When Ben descovers that his old tutor, Jason, died he can't help but think that his old friend had something to do with the death. Ben begins to investigate; along the way he reunites with old friends. 

Gray has written a likeable character, I often found myself feeling sorry for Ben with what he goes through in the novel; he appeared realistic. The way that Gray described each scene was intricate, and I found myself imagining everything in my head. Although, I wish that Gray delved deeper with her description of the Otherlife, I would love see what that world looks like. 

I wasn't overly a huge fan of Hobbie, I found his entries - quite often - boring, but towards the end of The Otherlife, things began to get so much more interesting. The one thing I would have love to see more of is Hobbie in the modern day to see how much more he has changed from his diary entires. 

Overall, if you're a fan of Norse mythology, then The Otherlife is a perfect read! I cannot recommend this enought! 

Thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy of The Otherlife, in now way did this affect my opinion nor the conent of this review.

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