UKYACX Blog Tour: An Interview with Emma Pass


Hello, everyone! Today, I have the pleasure of having Emma Pass on the blog answering some of my questions! 

THE BOOKS BANDIT: Hi, Emma. Would you first like to introduce yourself and the novels you write, giving an overview of each story? 

EMMA PASS: Hi Georgia! My name is Emma Pass and I write novels for teens. My first novel, ACID, is about a future version of the UK which is ruled by a brutal police force called the Agency for Crime Investigation and Defence (ACID). The protagonist, Jenna Strong, was locked up by ACID when she was 15 for a crime she struggles to remember. Two years later, she's broken out by a mysterious rebel group who won't tell her who they are or why they've got her out of jail. After things go wrong, Jenna ends up on the run from ACID with a boy called Max, and must find out what happened to her that night two years ago.

My second novel, The Fearless, imagines what happens after all our troops fighting in wars overseas are given a drug to stop them suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). But the drug has a terrible, unforeseen side effect – it stops you feeling fear, love, and empathy, turning you into a murderous psychopath AKA a Fearless. Somehow the enemy gets hold of the formula for this drug and strengthen it, then start giving it to everyone, until every country in the world is overrun by Fearless, who are also stronger and faster than ordinary people and very, very dangerous.

When you're inspired to write a novel, how do you plan each story you write?

I start by writing lots of notes about the world and the characters. Then I sketch out a very rough plan before I start writing a first draft, but that's all. I find if I plan too rigidly, I get bored, so a bit of both (planning and writing) is a happy medium for me!

Give us an insight into your protagonists, are they based on people you know? How did you plan and develop them? 

They're not based on people I know – I wouldn't dare, in case someone sued me! ;) I develop my characters by 'interviewing' them – asking them a list of questions which helps me find out who they are and what motivates them. They still surprise me sometimes, though!

Have you ever gotten into writer's block when you're writing? If so, how do push through it and continue to write? 

Every. Single. Time. I always hit blocks with my writing. I get through them by writing around the block – skipping to a bit where I know what happens and working back. I also tell myself that this happens every time I write and that I've always managed to get through it before – something I tend to forget when I'm panicking about being stuck!

When you read, do you sway toward ebooks or paperbacks? 

Both. I love physical books – the smell and feel of them – and I'm an avid library user. But I also love e-books for their convenience, especially when travelling. 

What was the hardest thing about writing Acid and The Fearless? 

With ACID, it was keeping going, not knowing if this book I'd given three-plus years of my life to would ever get published. The Fearless was slightly different as it was already under contract, but that threw up a whole new set of problems – namely, was it going to be good enough? And would people who liked ACID like this one too? 
For aspiring authors, do you have any writing advice?

Keep going! The next story you write could be the one which gets you an agent or a book deal, but if you don't write it, you'll never know.  

Finally, if either Acid or The Fearless was adapted to the big screen, who would play the protagonist?  

Cass Hollencroft from The Fearless is smart, versatile and fearless (in the good sense), and so is Emma Watson, who found fame as the equally smart and fearless Hermione in the Harry Potter films, so she'd have to play Cass! As for Jenna from ACID, I reckon someone like Chloe Moretz would be pretty kick-ass and cool.

Thanks for hosting me on your blog, Georgia – great questions!

Thank you, Emma, for being on the blog. If you would like to find out more about Emma click here, and to see about her novels click here, and here

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