THE INVENTORY: GRAVITY BLOG TOUR: A Day in the Life of Andy Briggs


I am so excited to have Andy Briggs on the blog today, talking about his writing lifestyle! His novels are fantastic, I highly recommend them! 'The Inventory: Gravity' is the sequel to 'The Inventory: The Iron Fist', which was a novel that was highly enjoyable to read - both novels were published by Scholastic Books.

A Day in the Life of Andy Briggs

Displaying Gravity.jpgFor me, the most difficult part of my day is finding time to write. Not that I am procrastinating (I am), but because there is a hidden layer to the life of a writer that is never really mentioned. I enviously read fellow writer’s Facebook posts (okay, another procrastinating tool) about how they have locked themselves away to diligently write and I wonder how they are able to do that – or is it simply another piece of fiction? You see, aside from real life chores, writing is an incredibly social activity that drags me away from home and demands I meet other people.
So much for the solitary life of a writer.

Displaying GRAVITY-BLOG-TOUR.jpgI write screenplays as well, and particularly in that field producers and directors always want a face-to-face meeting at almost every step of the processes. And quite frankly, it’s a lot of fun. However, it means jumping on a train, hiking through London, having the meeting – then reverse the processes, leaving only late nights or train journeys to actually write. Every now and again it may mean jumping on a plane and going to see them outside the country… not that I’m complaining.

Then there is the promotional side of the books, and for an MG author, that means visiting lots of schools. I mean lots. Earlier this week I discovered I had visited more schools this year than a very good bookshop who actually sell books for author events. I am always delighted to visit schools anywhere, but again this is where travel interferes with writing. As soon as I finish typing this article I have to drive up north to visit one school – a 590-mile round trip! However, it’s terrific fun – meeting the readers is one of the joys of being a children’s writer!

So a day in my life tends to be one in which I seldom see my home and I frantically write at obscure hours throughout the day – peppered with lots of reading breaks and catching up with movies. I 
know to many people that might sound tiresome, but for me it encapsulates everything I love, which is why writing is my dream job and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else… not even a little more sleep, which would be handy…

Author Info

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Andy Briggs is a screenwriter, producer, and author of the,, and Tarzan series. Andy has worked on film development for Paramount and Warner Bros, as well as working with Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee and producer Robert Evans. With a strong social media following, Andy tours the UK regularly, doing school, library, and festival events.

Vist it Andy's website; follow him on Twitter

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