REVIEW: Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity? by C.J. Atkinson


31201046Title: Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity?
Author: C.J. Atkinson
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishing
Publication date: December 2016
Genre(s): LGBT, childrens, educational, fiction
Pages: 64
Format: Paperback
Source: Brought

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Meet Kit - a 12 year old undergoing medical transition - as he talks about gender and the different ways it can be explored. He explains what it is like to transition and how his friends, family and teachers can help through talking, listening and being proactive.

My verdict: 4/5

C.J. Atkinson's Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity? is a much-needed piece of work that should be read by anyone of any age. Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity? really gets to the point, it's informative, yet still enjoyable to read - it's a must! 

Whilst this Atkinson's novella is primarily for children, Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity? brings such a taboo subject to light, and  I think that this short-story can help eradicate some of the ignorance that surrounds gender diversity. Atkinson has ensured that they have covered most, if not all, details of what gender diversity is, and even though this focuses on Kit, a FTM* character, Atkinson has enured that their novella is highly educative in all aspects - there were some things I hadn't even known, and it was enlightening to learn new facts about something of which I am very supportive of. 

I think that the very idea of this novella is phenomenal, and I am extremely pleased that it is being sent to some primary schools across the UK - it helps younger children understand how a transgender person may feel, or what gender dysphoria and what gender queer is. It allows children to be more aware of something that they are not taught until they are a bit older, or not at all. 

I highly recommend Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity?, either if you are looking for something educational to read, or if you are supporter of gender diversity and you're wanting to know more about the topic. Atkinson's novella is a must-read! 

*FTM; female-to-male

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