Childhood Nostalgia: My Favourite Books as a Kid


As a child, I wasn't overly fond of reading (ironic, I know); there wasn't anything overly interesting to read, other than my Mr Men and Little Miss books that my mum used to read to me at night. When my primary school held book fairs (ah, those were the good ol' days) I wouldn't necessarily find anything interesting to read within my specific age range for reading: quite often I was too nervous to venture out of my comfort zone for books, so I was normally left reading the same thing over and over again.

However, around the ages of seven to eight, I decided to take that chance and grabs some books from my school's book fair that were way out of my comfort zone, which you can see below. If it weren't for these books (and The Hunger Ganes) I would not have even thought that this blog would have been possible. So here are my favourite books from my childhood that got me into reading, and eventually led me to starting this blog!

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