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This May I'm due to take my final GCSE exams, and the date to my first exam is coming incredibly quickly, and it's slightly terrifying. But for my English Literature GCSE, I've gotten to study some amazing novels, and one of my favourite plays, which has been wonderful to do. And, in all honesty, it will be a shame not to study these after my final exams. What are you studying for GCSE/A LEVEL? Let me know!

Pigeon English | Stephen Kelman

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I've spoken about this book a few times, and have seen the adaption that the National Youth Theatre had put together a few months ago. This year is the first year to have this book featured in exams, and I'm so pleased that my school picked this for us to study. Pigeon English is so relatable to today's society, tackling immigration views, gangs...it brings a new view to our society that I hadn't even known. Kelman's book is just fantastic (I will keep saying this) and it will leave you speechless for good.

Frankenstein | Mary Shelley

Image result for frankenstein mary shelleyI think it's safe to say that I adore classics and Frankenstein is probably one of my favourites. There are so many little things that get to me in this novel, and the contrast in ideas really work with this book. Shelley's characters move me, especially the Monster (who is my favourite...I'm the only one who likes this character in my class). The plot is amazing, it keeps you hooked all the way through and it's just a superb classic to read. Good for rainy days.

Much Ado About Nothing | William Shakespeare

Image result for much ado about nothing book coverWhen I was younger, I was obsessed with Shakespeare (still am), so I used to watch his plays on Youtube, and when I came across Much Ado About Nothing I fell in love with this play. (It's also known as Love Labour's Lost). I love the characters in this play, the comedy, every little detail. The story has me hooked, I love re-reading it over and over, it's my little treasure, and hopefully I'll get to see it be performed live, as I know, for sure, that I will fall in love with this play again.

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