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Created in 2013, The Books Bandit is the home to book reviews, manga/graphic reviews, and the occasional film review. This is the place for literacy fun, and unable to satisfy her thirst to upload posts, Georgia attempts to post a review at least once a week. The Books Bandit loves hearing other people's views about novels, and reading in general, so if you would like to guest post a review contact Georgia and she'd be more than happy to help arrange something with you. All reviews on The Books Bandit's reviews are 100% honest as they are Georgia's own opinion. Georgia hopes you enjoy your visit to The Books Bandit.

About the Blogger

Okay, enough talking in third person. Hi! I'm Georgia, an aspiring journalist and author who also dabbles in photography. Since beginning this blog in 2013, I have loved every single minute of blogging and I cannot wait to see where this blog will lead me in the future. My favourite genres of novels are realistic-fiction, contemporary, science-fiction, and fantasy. Don't bother asking me what my favourite novels are because it's like choosing a favourite child. However away from reading, I am a published poet, artist, musician Netflix marathoner, animal rights/feminism/LGBT* activist, and baker.

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