Review Policy

This is a page for the general infomation, about my reviews. (If you would like to request a review, please read before going into my 'Contact' page)

I accept any genre of books to read, but I preference for:
- Dystopian
 - Humor
 - Adventure
 - Fantasy
 - Drama
 - Contemporary
 - Thrillers
 - Mystery
 - Science Fiction
 - Historical
 - Victorian Horror 
- Steampunk

To recommend me a novel, you must:
- Email me
- Send me the blurb of the book(s)
- Tell me why I should read your novel
- Not give me a deadline to read the book (unless you are a publisher)
- Send me the cover of the book and publication date

My reviews are 100% honest and if I read your book(s) the review will be posted up as and when I can fit it into my reviewing schedule! 

This is a YA/ Adult book review site and therefore, I will not be accepting any books from under the ages of 10 years old!
(It might be an idea to read some of my reviews to see what you will be getting)

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